Using Twitter to its full potential is important

20 Mar

If used to its pull potential, Twitter is a powerful resource for journalists. When comparing the BBC’s coverages to the RTE’s coverage of a story about a man throwing explosives into a crowd in Liege, I found some significant differences in how each utilized Twitter.

The BBC used Twitter as a crowd sourcing tool. By doing so, it were able to ask all of its Twitter followers if they saw anything that it could then report to everyone else in real time. By doing so, the BBC was able to provide instant information from people all over the scene, not just where the reporters were stationed. Also, when it came time for the BBC to put out its story on the incident, the story had a lot more sources and more information as a result. The BBC also used the Internet to ask the audience for pictures and information after the fact.

The RTE simply used its Twitter account to link its followers to the article on the incident. By doing this, the RTE did get the story out to more people. But this isn’t using Twitter to its full potential. In the RTE, there was much less information than in the BBC article. The information in this article also came solely from the police officials. This article didn’t achieve the same variety of information and viewpoints as the BBC article did.


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