Facebook’s place in journalism

3 Apr

Initially, Facebook was just viewed as a site for college students to keep in touch. Very few people took it seriously or thought one day it could change marketing, journalism and advertising as much as it has.

One journalism company, The Rockville Central, is moving all of its operations, including news coverage, to Facebook. This highlights how big a role Facebook is starting to play in journalism. Journalists in favor of this shift argue that Facebook allows for the same real time updates as Twitter, but doesn’t restrict the writer to only 140 characters.

While I think it’s great that journalists are embracing new media, I think moving to an all-Facebook platform is a risky move.  I think we should use Facebook as a crowd sourcing or marketing tool. It is highly effective in both these areas. But we should also keep our organization separate and distinct from Facebook. Facebook is a great way to promote your articles or news organization, but it’s not your company’s website. We don’t want to confuse readers so they think we are affiliated with Facebook. We want them to recognize us as our own distinctive unit.

For my interest blog, I used Facebook to try and promote it. I put the link up to the site when I started the blog as well as every time I updated it to try and convince my Facebook friends to check it out. I think this is the most effective way to use Facebook in journalism.


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