The changing role of journalists

17 Apr

There is no doubt that journalism is changing drastically. Some people argue that readers just aren’t getting lost in the news as the used to. Others argue that with the increased usage of the Internet, readers are being overloaded with information. Journalists need to make some fundamental changes in order to keep people interested in journalism and the news. Americans currently spend 12 minutes a month on news site. Yahoo! News has a lot more traffic than the average news site, but this 12 minutes is still compared to the seven hours a month people spend on Facebook.

In order to fix the problems, journalists can do several things. First, we need to realize that the distinctions between journalists in radio, television and print are becoming blurred. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important that we learn all the skills required for all kinds of journalism. Much like reporters are already having to take their own photographs for their stories, journalists are going to be asked to be responsible for more things and juggle even more skills.

In addition to personal changes, we need to change the way we deliver news. We need to utilize the tools the Internet offers us to make news more personal. News gathering no longer needs to be the same experience for all consumers. We can do this by enabling search engines on news sites. This allows readers to customize their experience to fit with their curiosity.

Studies also found that people spend more time on sites like Wikipedia. This is largely because Wikipedia allows the user to get lost in material by following a trail of links. News articles should read more cohesively like this. By including more links and changing our style, we can make it easier for our readers to follow ongoing stories. We can link to past stories to get our readers up to date.

Overall, by making news more reader friendly and becoming more well-rounded journalists, we can keep up with the future of journalism. We can also ensure that journalism will still have a big role in our futures, and that in turn ensures we will always  have a place in people’s homes.


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