Promoting with social media

19 Apr

When promoting a personal blog, social media is an essential piece of the puzzle. There are few ways as effective to get the word out on blogs. Since there are so many blogs out there, I figured the best way to start was marketing to people I personally know. My blog was a cooking blog, and I’m sure there are plenty of them out there. But to start with, I figured if my friends needed cooking tips and knew about my blog, they would be more likely to turn to mine since they know me personally. So for me, making it a personal experience was a good starting point. After making all my friends aware, I hoped that they would pass it on to their friends to grow the popularity even further.

I tried to promote my site on the three main social networking sites I am on, (Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr) plus Google+. Let’s start with my favorite social media site, Twitter. I’m on Twitter a lot, but most of my followers are my close friends. I used WordPress’s tool to automatically post to twitter when I updated. I think this was highly effective, but only among my few close friends who follow me on Twitter. It got some people to read it, but it wasn’t reaching the size of the audience I wanted it to.

Next I moved on to Facebook. I knew my audience here would be larger, but still personal. I didn’t post on Facebook as often, but I put up a notice every few posts I put up on my blog. I think Facebook got a few more people interested, but for the most part, didn’t make a huge difference. I think this is due to the fact that when people go on Facebook, they glaze over a lot of the posts. If it’s not a juicy, short status update, very few people pay attention to posts on Facebook.

Next I tried Google+. Since the only people in my circle are the people in my advanced editing class and the people who follow me on Twitter, Google+ proved to be basically useless. I was trying to sell my product to people who had already made up their mind about it. I didn’t waste much time on Google+.

Finally, I used the tool I think was probably the most efficient: Tumblr. I posted blurbs of each blog post onto my personal Tumblr account. My followers here are almost all strangers, but since they are my followers, we probably share many interests, since that is what our relationship is completely based on. Tumblr is also a site that a lot of people go to when they are bored to get lost in the Internet. I think people on Tumblr were much more likely to click on a random link they find semi-interesting.

I learned a lot from this exercise. I know now if I were to do it again, I would concentrate on Tumblr most of the time and throw in a little Twitter and Facebook promotion. But I would probably skip the Google+ efforts altogether and try an approach such as Delicious or promote more on WordPress itself.


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